Autumn Accounting Update for Medium and Large Companies

The majority of companies that are outside of the small companies’ regime (i.e. medium-sized and large) will have already gone through the transition and first-year adoption of FRS 102. This two-hour course will look at some of the most common emerging issues and the auditing aspects of FRS 102. In particular, the course is likely to cover:

  • Recent developments in FRS 102
  • Problem areas of FRS 102, including:
    • deferred tax
    • financial instruments
    • intangible assets
    • provisions and contingencies
  • Narrative disclosures within the strategic report and directors’ report
  • Reduced disclosure framework changes
  • Brief update on auditing issues affecting medium and large companies.

This course is aimed at practitioners and staff who act for medium and large companies or those who want an update on emerging and complex issues.


Steve Collings


Wednesday 8 November 2017 1.30 PM - 3.30 PM


Cottons Hotel & Spa, Knutsford

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