Topical Tax Issues for Small Businesses


Recent Governments have been attempting to “level the playing field” between small limited companies and unincorporated entities to minimise tax-driven incorporation. First, we saw the removal of CGT Entrepreneurs’ Relief for the transfer of goodwill on incorporation, and then the 7.5% increase rate of tax on dividends from 6 April 2016. The government is now considering taxing small companies on a “look through” basis so that the shareholders would be taxed the same as partners.

The future restriction of tax relief for mortgage interest for buy to let landlords has also caused some advisers to reconsider running such a business through a limited company in future.

This course covers the main tax issues to consider when deciding whether or not to incorporate, including the income tax, VAT and CGT consequences for sole traders and partnerships and also considers tax efficient extraction of profits from owner-managed companies.


Content is likely to include:

  • Is a limited company still best? - Tax breaks available to limited companies only
  • Other considerations such as the tax cost of the proprietor’s car
  • Capital allowance developments
  • Bringing other family members into the business – partner or shareholder?
  • The timing of incorporation and tax implications on the old business
  • CGT on incorporation – no Entrepreneurs Relief now
  • Rental businesses – should be incorporate to avoid the interest restriction?
  • Tax efficient extraction of profits – impact of the new dividend rules
  • Review of IR35 personal service company developments

Who should attend?

All partners and staff advising small business clients.


Martyn Ingles


Tuesday 11 December 2018 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM


Moat House, Stafford

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