Tax Aspects of Succession Planning


Many family business owners have the objective of passing on their business to the next generation. Such a strategy can have capital gains tax, inheritance tax and possibly income tax implications and careful planning is required to avoid potential pitfalls.

The £5,000 dividend allowance has also encouraged companies to give some shares to family members and then pay them £5,000 tax free – does that work?

The course will also cover passing some or all of the business to the management team.


Content is likely to include:

  • CGT implications of giving shares to family members – taking advantage of gift of business asset relief
  • The chargeable business assets restriction
  • IHT implications of giving shares to family members
  • What about using a family trust?
  • Dividend waivers and dividends on alphabet shares
  • Is Form 42 required to report the share transfers and income tax due?
  • Purchase of own shares to buy out the founder
  • Brief overview of management buy-outs

Who should attend?

All partners and staff advising family and owner-managed businesses.


Martyn Ingles


Wednesday 12 December 2018 1.30 PM - 3.30 PM


Cottons Hotel & Spa, Knutsford

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